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"Voucher de vacanță" – how to use it on Travelminit?

See the romanian version here.

  1. Send with courier service (ex. FAN Courier), to this address:
    TRAVELMINIT INTERNATIONAL SRL, 400267 Cluj-Napoca, Str. Gării, Nr. 21, D1/1B.
    Shipping price lei 14 / lei 35.4 (depending on location).
  2. Send with "Prioripost" from any romanian post office, to this address:
    Shipping price lei 11-15.

Our phone number (to be given to courier / to call for information about vouchers): +40-364-431-800.
Please mark on the envelope the booking number!

Two options are available:

  1. Pay with "card de vacanță" onlinerecommended!
  2. Pay by sending us a signed card debit authorization (acord de debitare card)
    1. Download the form here!
    2. Print it out! If you don't have this possibility, write it by hand.
    3. Fill it with your data and sign it! Filling example here
    4. Send it to Travelminit, scanned or photographed!
      By email to info@travelminit.com.
      The Subject should be: Acord de debitare #123456789, where the "#123456789" is the booking number
    5. Depending on the quantities, Travelminit will withdraw the authorized amount from your card as soon as possible.

    To make a successful payment, the card should be activated!

How can I activate my "card de vacanță"?

The card can be activated from the app or through the issuer's customer service.

Instructions on how to activate "card de vacanță" here:

  • If the "tichets" value is greather than the booking value, request additional services from the accommodation for difference.
  • If the "tichets" value is less than the booking value, the difference should be payed to the accommodation, on site.

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