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Motel Vama Veche

In Vama Veche 1 property is available out of 45,
and another 2 properties are available out of 1816 properties nearby.


Motel Vama Veche, Marina Park Motel

Vama Veche, 10 Nichita Stanescu Street

Booking requires confirmation

  • 30 sleeps
  • 15 rooms
  • 15 bathrooms

guide price
$ 17.8
in case of 2 persons


Motel Vama Veche, Solero Hotel

  35 km

Eforie Nord, 12 Belona Street

Booking requires confirmation

  • 38 sleeps
  • 18 rooms
  • 18 bathrooms

guide price
$ 17.8
in case of 2 persons


Motel Vama Veche, Casa LLB Villa

  79 km

Vadu, 3A Scolii Street

Instant booking

  • 12 sleeps
  • 4 rooms
  • 4 bathrooms

No deposit required

guide price
$ 20.2
in case of 2 persons

The order of the list can be influenced by evaluation, ad quality, performance and commission, participation in programs.

Vama Veche is a village in Romania, Constanța county , with 178 inhabitants. It is located in the region(s) Transylvania, Seaside, Seaside Romania, Black Sea Romania, Sanatoriul Agigea. Nearby attractions are the Seaside for all, Turda Salt Mine, Turda Gorge and Durgău Lakes. Close to Vama Veche are located the Feleacu Ski Slope.

In Vama Veche we have a number of 45 accommodations, another 617 in surroundings. In the area there are 3 motels, 1 can be booked without any deposit. Accommodations of Vama Veche can be seen on the map. Vama Veche's accommodations have a score of 9.9 based on 13 guest reviews. Room prices range between 28 and 28 $.

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  • Which are the best motels in Vama Veche?

    Our recommendation would be the following motels in Vama Veche: Marina Park Motel, Solero Hotel and Casa LLB Villa. Access the full list of motels in Vama Veche!
  • Which are the cheapest motels in Vama Veche?

    The cheapest motels in Vama Veche: Marina Park Motel. Access the full list of cheap motels in Vama Veche!
  • Which motels in Vama Veche have the best reviews?

    According to guests’ reviews, these are the best motels in Vama Veche: Marina Park Motel. Access the full list of motels in Vama Veche that have the best reviews!
  • How much does one night cost on average in Vama Veche?

    On the average, a room in Vama Veche costs $ 10.1 per night. Access the full list of cheap motels in Vama Veche!
  • For which accommodations in Vama Veche is payment with "voucher de vacanță" accepted?

    On Travelminit you can book 0 motels with "voucher de vacanță" in Vama Veche. We accept all types of "voucher de vacanță", including Sodexo Tichet de vacanță, Sodexo Card de vacanță, Up Tichet de vacanță, Up Card de vacanță, Edenred Tichet de vacanță or Edenred Card de vacanță.
  • How can you travel without risk in Vama Veche?

    Book an accommodation in Vama Veche with no deposit or with 100% refundable cancellation! We have prepared you a list of 1 accommodations in Vama Veche and nearby, with all types, accessible by car, which can be booked without deposit and can be cancelled anytime without obligations, or can be booked with 100% refund if the booking is cancelled, according to the accommodation's cancellation policy. You can pay also with "voucher de vacanță" for marked accommodations. The already payed sum is generally refunded as Travelminit Voucher, which can be used for further bookings on Travelminit for another time, in case of (the marked) accommodations in Romania.